Technology Integration in the World Language Classroom

Language researchers have stressed for years the transformational effect of technology on language communication skills and the development of Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) when used appropriately (Lee, 2002; Lys, 2013; Marlow & Inman, 1992; Nagappan, 2001; Yang & Chen, 2007). However, it is of utmost importance that language teachers possess the appropriate level of technology skills needed to integrate the digital tools into their daily teaching in order to ensure that students not only acquire  the language skills but also 21st century skills that they need to compete in the global world.  Therefore, teachers need to be fluent in the digital language in order to communicate with their students and enable them to acquire technological, media, information and online social fluencies (Ertmer & Ottenbreit-Leftwich, 2010; Jukes & Dosaj, 2005; Krish, 2008).